Secret Reports

by Xehanort

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An ongoing LP begun on December 25th, 2012.
New songs unlocked as time progresses.


released December 25, 2012

Written, engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by John Galloway

"Oathkeeper" contains compositions of Yoko Shimomura



all rights reserved


Xehanort Florida

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Track Name: Oathkeeper
Swelling emotion--vigorously driven by the fear of being alone... Hope of purity flows like wind between my fingers and carries me swiftly forward.

A curious notion guides me as I depart from my dark shell--into the realm of light--and before me lies a sight which takes my breath away... You take my breath away.

My thoughts scream to me, "Finally, I've found you... the one just for me."

It's unfolding, as a dream... the sharp pictures of happiness within reach. It's progressing like a movie I've already seen, and I'm familiar with its ending.

The infested proliferate and defile a once beautiful world, but I won't let them take you from me.

It's unfolding, as a dream... the sharp pictures of happiness within... You're perfect, so it seems, and my gift to you is an oath which I shall forever keep:

Nicole, I'll hold you close forever.
Track Name: The Desolate One
Amidst alveolate structures, it rests within the envelope of a false sanctuary. This mountain--a symbol of protection--is, in reality, just a cage... a cage which creates fear in its captive's hearts. It is an agent of deceit, breeding those who will seek salvation but shall acquire dissolution.
The cage is fear itself: that one might die in desolation... that one may never know the purity of eternal ardor.
Though many stand idly and rot away in solitude, there is a subject who resists. The one who has incurred the most suffering at the hands of his own withdrawal wishes to speak:

"I've searched frantically for happiness but have found naught. I have failed... and now I suffer, perpetually, never able to escape this madness... However, I now accept this of my own accord--and I shall use it to show this world my pain."
The dementia that sleeps within is awakened. It shapes and refines, changing form and character to that of a beast.. a form of agony and rage, its howl an unrelenting contributor to the fear of the population.
The world is shaken, in their false fortresses, and their safeguard is dropped as they step outside, to see him atop the mountain, calling out to everyone:
"We are alone in this world because we close ourselves off. We create our own misfortune, in our ignorance... we're all so afraid. Our fear is of falling and not being caught.
"But we are all fools, engulfed in aversion and shutting out any hope of trust. I am the desolate one, but I will not die alone."

* * * His agony begot wisdom... thus defeating his fear, before all of mankind. * * *
Track Name: Oathkeeper II (Feat. Josh Oxendine of Mycelium Construct)
Withdrawn from the world,
You’ve grown too fond of your walls,
And of the safe panes of glass,
Which reveal monsters with human faces,

But those walls and windows are a prison,
You are bound to them, you dare not to leave,
Because it hurts and you’re so fragile,
But if you never leave, you’ll never find me,

You must not be afraid of what lies beyond the door,
Just set in motion steps which lead to me,
I’ll meet you where the sky meets the Earth,
Between your world and mine,

I’ve grown uncomfortable in my flesh,
It comes off so easily, clawing in crowds,
Sifting through puppets in the darkness of daylight,
I realize that I’m afraid to be alone,

I stumble through the days, like the horizon,
To the edge of the Earth, I unknowingly leap forth,

I cannot be afraid of what lies upon the chasm floor,
I’ll just keep falling, right into the void,
Maybe I’ll fall right where I belong,
Between your world and mine,

Don’t worry, we can spend our days alone, but together,
Keep walking and searching and I’ll keep falling for you.
Track Name: Oathkeeper III
It's back again: the memory of being alone,
No pillow could ever replace you nor text on a phone,

I miss you so,
Please don't go, sweet dream,
Please stay with me,
Because it hurts to awake from this sleep,

Nothing could replace how it feels to wake up to your beautiful face,

Hardly know that feeling,
I don't see you when I awake but see you in my sleep,
My eyes are sore,
I wanted more and I know you feel the same way too,

And I miss you so,
Please don't go,
If you were lying by my side,
I would hold you so fucking tight,
But you're not here (I feel all alone),
But you're not here (I am all alone),
But you're not here (I wish you were here),
But you're not here (I wish you were here),

I wish you were here.
Track Name: Oathkeeper IV
Do you remember our nights together?
The sorrow wrought seemed like an impossible thought,
(Where have you gone?)

It feels like eternity,
Your presence never absent from my soul,
We were meant to live forever and ever,
We said, as we drifted along the outskirts of never, we'll never die,

Girl, would you stay?
If I may, I need you!
Oh, I will remain by your grave, baby,

The nights are cold and long in the cemetery,
The angels sing their song,
Let go and move on,

Girl, where'd you go?
Don't you know? I need you!
Oh, I can't forgo feeling woeful, now,

The nights are cold and long in the cemetery,
The angels sing their song,
Let go and move on,

And yet I bear this pain,
Alone, under oath:
Here always I'll remain,
Don't go, please don't go,

I told you I'd hold you,
For the happiness we pursued,
In life and in death,
With every last breath,
I'll always love you,

The nights are cold and long,
Alone, all alone,
I tell myself you're gone,
But I know, yes I know.
Track Name: DESU
Miscreant entities gather at the wake of home,
Their minds are converging for dissimulation,
We rest on a mine of infinite resource,
Blinded by a veil of safety while they exhume our possessions,

Our planet will be sucked dry,
Our bodies cascading to open trenches,
They come with one thing on their mind,
And they sing to us as we are obliterated,

Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu,
Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu,
Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu,
Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu,

Open your eyes,
Lest they be extorted through your face,
For your will belongs to them upon hearing their call,


Fleeting, they swarm the lands we thought were secure,
Dividing limbs among the bodies they encounter,
And after they’ve extracted all that we have left,
Their voices again ring throughout our now exploding heads,

Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu,
Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu,
Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu,
Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu,