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To mark a new chapter in the book that is Xehanort, Re:Birth acts as not only a turning point, but as a milestone, with which to mark the progress Xehanort has made as a musical and recording artist.

Re:Birth is more or less an extreme metal reimagining of select songs by Yoko Shimomura, which are featured in the Kingdom Hearts game series.


released May 1, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Galloway (Xehanort)
Thanks to Cory Piscitelli for some lead guitar contributions
Thanks to Yoko Shimomura and the Kingdom Hearts developers for the inspiring content



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Re:Luna
Questioning the implications of my existence,
Protected by the celestial light that encircles,
Delving deeper into the depths of the abyss,
Shadows expand beneath the gaze of the moon,

A putrid creature (without a heart),
Its unrelenting pursuit of those who love…
The devastation of its subsistence provokes strife,
It consumes the hearts of those who bathe in the light,

Shadows scale every corner of this plateau,
As the air slows and a wintry hand takes hold,
Malevolence engulfing…
Providing justification for my being,

Light from the moon grows from within,
Purging the incursion,
Releasing a flare which vanquishes those who live under the night,
Hereafter ensuring that the moon shall forever bless us with her light,
Track Name: Re:Struggle
In between realities,
Suffering distorted vision, the lines blur,
My eyes beheld, from the darkness, disfiguring forces of nature,

Thoughts align in my mind as the lines of the environment become fine,
I am fixated in time, struggling in a fight with my own mind,

Help me see what’s in front of me,

What I see is not the truth. I am isolated in this place.
Shadows of truth scour the land, leading paths devoid of me.
Perception disintegrates, leaving splinters of land upon which to sit, alone.

Tearing away at my mind, a fragment of what I see…
Everything surrounding disappears as my life departs from me.

Floating onward through the dusk,
Passing by my memories,
Acquiescence of passing on,
Help me see what’s in front of me,

Knowing that there is no truth,
Only separated dreams,
The discord in my head shall cease,
Now I see what’s in front of me,
Track Name: Re:Dissolve
Eyes set upon the sky,
Now beholding the suns which graze before us,
The descending night,
The artifact of my creation,

Never before grasping the perpetual chasms enfolding,
We walk upon roads which form before our feet,
Leading us to genesis; to the last age of man,

And we yet stand, unscathed by the world,
Objects of a destined encounter,
Trembling, we unfurl our wrath,

I feel the darkness in your heart,
Sprouting within it; growing, consuming,
Such is its nature,
And so shall you return from the darkness whence you came,

Dissolve into the void,

Now grasped by the hand of death,
Envoy of darkness, architect of dreams,
Staggering through the world I’ve generated,
You shall embrace the dark,

Dissolve… in the absence of light.
Track Name: Soul:Requiem
I tread where the water flows in reverse: the Rising Falls, an environment of mechanical substance. The gears grinding in the caverns below operate the dark bastion above. As I stand before the great castle, a sense of staggering algidity spreads throughout my body. This acropolis is home to the darkest of creatures; it is the buttress upon which their emblem is held--a heart to signify the lack thereof.
Swarming... they swarm and convulse--compulsory projection. They sink within the earth to diffuse into the shadows, drawn asunder by the darkness that once swallowed their hearts.
Growing ever larger as the sun bears down from above, amassing and encircling, their eyes an aureate virus, descending upon those who obtrude their domain.
The door is open.
I am engulfed...